Covid-19 Information


Under new measures to combat the spread of Covid-19 and whilst continuing to supply the Food Chain, further restrictions have been put in place which allow Livestock Markets to continue to trade, and to protect those whose attendance is necessary to ensure the food supply.


Those not permitted to attend the Mart:

·       Buyers or Sellers who have an underlying health condition or who are shielding

·       People who are not legitimate buyers or sellers

·       Children under the age of 16

Social Distancing Guidance 

·       Wherever possible those within the Mart should still maintain a social distance of at least 2m (6ft) from each other

·       Where 2m is not possible then there should still be a minimum of 1m distancing and the wearing of a face covering.  Face coverings MUST be worn in all sales rings and in the Mart offices

·       Each Mart office will be restricted to 3 customers. 

      Measures for Buyers:

·       Buyers must be registered to attend the Mart and declare they are healthy and not in known contact with anyone who has Covid-19 symptoms.

·       New buyers must register to the office for availability for a buyers number in the ring.

·       Buyers must strictly adhere to the social distancing measures outlined above and follow guidance that the Mart gives in terms of where they can be located at the ring

·       The number of buyers will the limited by the ring size and the ability to meet social distancing requirements.

·       Buyers should observe 2m social distancing when queuing and using the Mart office

·       Hand sanitisers will be available at the entry to the office and must be used on entry and exit

·       Buyers must leave the Mart as soon as business has been concluded

Measures for Sellers:

·       Sellers should deliver livestock to the Mart on sale day and give relevant paperwork to Mart staff without entering the Mart buildings

·       Sellers must leave the Mart yard as soon as stock are off-loaded

·       Sellers may be notified of sales prices by Text message (SMS) and will have 30 minutes from the receipt of the Text message to notify the Mart Office by telephone if they do not wish to accept the price. It is the Sellers responsibility to provide the Mart with a valid mobile number to which the Text message will be sent, and to adhere to the 30 minute time frame.

·       Sellers must vacate the premises after their stock have been sold

·       Sellers who do not sell will be given a time slot by the Mart when they can return to collect stock.